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A Prayer for Your Health Journal

Packed with daily devotionals, nutritional tips, journal prompts, and inspirational quotes, A Prayer for Your Health Journal will help you create a God-centered vision for your health. This journal provides practical tools and spiritual guidance to bring physical, mental, and spiritual health back into your life. It will inspire you to reset your body and energize your walk with God.*

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Daniel's Plate

eat better, not less

We love to eat delicious whole plant foods that energize us to live out our purpose of helping you take control of your health.

“We created Daniel’s Plate so you can eat your favorite foods without compromising your health. Life should be simple. Eat better, not less.”

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FREE 4-Day Challenge

A Prayer for Your Health 4-Day Daniel Fast challenge will nudge you in the direction of taking those first steps from the rut of an unhealthy lifestyle to taking control of your health. On Day 1, we'll pray for a God-centered self-image; Day 2, break our addiction to food; Day 3 break generational cycles of poor health; and Day 4 the courage to take action.

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The Podcast

The Healthy for My Purpose Podcast sets the bar high, very high. In fact, we go right to the top, to the Big Man himself. After all, He designed you for divine health. This podcast will help you connect being healthy to your purpose. And to guide you to your best health, is the dynamic faith-based duo of Sersie Blue and Gigi Carter; health coach and licensed nutritionist. These women are on a mission to level-up the health of everyone within the sound of their voices!


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